Experiences of West Africa & Turkey

Date : 19TH FEBRUARY, 2014, 2 PM



Type : PANEL

“Experiences of West Africa & Turkey in Peace and Sustainable Development”

19th February, 2014, 2.00 pm Abuja

Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution, Conference Hall

“Experiences of West Africa & Turkey in Peace and Sustainable Development” was held on February 19, 2014 at 2 pm in Abuja, February 20, 2014 in Zaria, Nigeria in collaboration with Turkish Review Magazine, Nigerian Turkish Nile University and Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution.

Ufuk Dialogue Foundation has organized some series of programs with Turkish Review Magazine in Abuja, Kaduna & Lagos, Nigeria. One of the Program was panel on “Experiences of West Africa & Turkey in Peace & Sustainable Development” at Institute for Peace & Conflict Resolution, Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There was more than 300 Attendants from the members of academic, government, NGO’s.

The Opening Speech was given by Prof. Dr. Huseyin Sert, the VC Nigerian Turkish Nile University.Prior to the opening speech, a welcome address was delivered by Mr. Oguzhan Dirican, President of UFUK Dialogue Foundation.Dr. Joseph Golwa, Director General for Institute For Peace and Conflict Resolution opened the panel, in his speech hesaid : “One of the most helpful organisations that made great contribution towards dialogue is UFUK Dialogue Foundation. What is my contribution to society of peace; we need a change on attitude.

A paper delivered Editor in Chief Turkish Review Magazine and also Guest Panelist, Kerim Balci. In his paper he pointed out the following ideas: “We have to drop all pessimistic mentalities to achieve peace. We all have our differences and we need to understand those differences to live in peace. Peace can be achieved anywhere. Not only in a homogenous society. There can be unity in heterogeneity. If culture, information, technology works for peace; the world will become a better place. We should see the youth as an asset, not as a challenge. Kerim Balci, CE Turkish Review also added that the change starts at the individual and ends in individual. In this sense Hizmet ( Gulen Movement ) is unique in Islam world. You can’t solve violence only with education, but you can’t solve without education.”

Prof. Nuhu Yakub, Vice Chancellor of Sokoto State University delivered a paper on peace. The basis of peace in any society is dependent on the existence of Justice” Prof. Nuhu Yakub spoke on the concept of “Sustainable Development.” Most conflicts in the West-African Region is as a result of marginalization. There is need for countries of West-Africa to be export-oriented. The presence of justice and good governance brings peace. There is no poor country that can guarantee peace. Sustainable Development and Peace can only be achieved when there is justice.

Dr. Chigozie Enwere, Head of Political Science Department, Nigerian Turkish Univeristy; delivered a paper about the “Political Economic Weakness of Turkey, from the Ottoman Empire.He emphasized following points. Education should be given in such a way that tolerance is taught. With Tolerance, there’s peace. In Fethullah Gulen, The crisis in modern societies can only be managed by education with a holistic approach.In Gulen, education is holistic with ethical, religious, positive values with tolerance. Gulen is not only a strategic thinker but also a world thinker. Prof. Enwere points out new relationships between Turkey & West-Africa which is bringing improvements to the West-African Region. Who should lead or drive the change for peace and development, is it the leaders or the masses?”

The closing prayer was offered by Methodist Archbishop of Abuja The Most Rev. Oche Job