‘Colors of Harmony’ photo contest

This year, Ufuk Dialogue Foundation (UDF) , in collaboration with Federal Ministry of Tourism, Culture & National Orientation, Omooba Yemisi Adedoyin Shyllon Art Foundation (OYASAF), National Gallery of Art (NGA), Fountain Magazine, is organizing a photo contest for amateur and professional photographers which is themed ‘Colors of Harmony’. ‘Colors of Harmony’ photo contest will be a collection of photographs from different parts of Africa which will depict the togetherness and culture of co-existence of the existing diversity. The photography contest will also give a chance for the exploration of cultures and introduction of diversity and relationship of these cultures. In extension, other realms of tribes, beliefs and thoughts are explored from African perspective. Rules of Engagement
The theme of the photograph should be within the topic of the photo contest which is ‘Colors of Harmony’. The visual print should depict a sense of diversity and peaceful culture of coexistence. Pictures should fall into the category of ‘nature’ or ‘social’ panorama.
Photographs should belong to the photographers’ and publication rights should be forwarded to Ufuk Dialogue Foundation.
Photographs should not be published anywhere or given to any third party before the contest as copyrights are retained by Ufuk Dialogue Foundation.
Biography of the photographers and write-ups on the photographs(iconography) should be forwaarded to Ufuk Dialogue Foundation.
Maximum of 2 photographs of the themed contest should be sent to Ufuk Dialogue Foundation.
All photograph submissions must be 3 megabytes of bigger, must be in JPEG of JPG format, and must be at least 300dpi per photograph.
The Deadline of submission is 11th of November 2015. All entries must be submitted in digital format through our contact E-mail address pr@ufukfoundation.org
Result of the selected photographs will be out on 30th of November 2015 on our websites www.ufukfoundation.org and www.artforpeaceafrica.com for more information please dial +234(0)8054855339.
Mode of Operation
Exhibitions will take place in Benin, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Turkey, United States of America, and Ethiopia and United Kingdom. Dates will be published on our websites www.ufukfoundation.org and www.artforpeaceafrica.com.
All Photographers will be informed of their progress if the photo is selected for exhibition, or if the photo is not selected at all. Though you retain copyright in each image submitted, the digital image file(s) submitted will not be returned or acknowledged.
After the selection of the photographs, a discussion on tagging a fixed price on the photography(s) between Ufuk Dialogue Foundation and the Photographer will take place.
At the exhibition, if there stems an interesting buyer on the photograph(s), Ufuk Dialogue Foundation will sell the photograph(s) and take the fee(s) to the artist(s) who is going to price the photograph(s).
All photographers photos will be in possession and care of Ufuk Dialogue Foundation.
1st Position – N 250.000
2nd Position – N 200.000
3rd Position – N 150.000
4th Position – N 70.000
5th Position – N 50.000
Judging Criteria
Quality-Quality of photos is paramount to judging criteria.
Relevance to Theme-The quality of the description and its relationship to the photography and the theme i.e. ‘Colors of Harmony’.
Expression of Meaning-Name of the photo and iconography should be expressive and meaningful.
Composition-One should be creative.
Overall Expression.