Catholic Secretariat Delegation in Turkey

From Catholic Secretariat; Archbishop of Abuja John Onaiyekan, General Director Father Michael Ekpenyong, Director for Dialogue Father Cornelius Omonokhua has been in Turkey for Ufuk Foundation Intercultural Trip with President of Ufuk Foundation. The delegation visited Orthodoxies Ecumenical in Istanbul. Archbishop Onaiyekan And Speaker of Orthodoxies Ecumenical Dositues discussed about the Dialogue between Muslims and Christians; also Catholics And Orthodoxies. The delegation took information about the history of Orthodoxies Ecumenical in Istanbul and history of Religious lines in Turkey. Dositues pointed that Mr. Gulen is the first Scholar who started dialogue between Christians and Muslims in Turkey. The delegation also visited the Fatih University Hostipal, investigate the facilities and educational program’s. The chief of directors Dr. Ilyas gave detail information about the teaching hospital and emphasized on the psychological positive effects of religion in medicine. Fatih Hospital is the Teaching Hospital of Fatih University with its 200 bed capacity in Istanbul. An other important point of the delegation was the Zaman Newspaper which is the biggest one that is published more than 1 million daily. Zaman PR Manager Mr. Erkan gave detailed information about the Zaman and journalism in Turkey. The delegation also visited Fetih High School and Kimse Yok mu Charity Organization. The last point was the trip to Izmir (Symrna-Ephesus). The important points of Ephesus the House of Marry, The churches of John Evangelist and John Paul were the most important places of this trip. Archbishop of Abuja John Onaiyekan said that Turkey is an important place for Christians, pilgrimage tours should be arranged from Nigeria t Turkey. The delegation had a meeting in Writers and Journalist Foundation with Ahmet Atlig on interreligious dialogue. Secretary General for Intercultural Dialogue Platform Ahmet Atlig presented the ideas and activities of Intercultural Dialogue Platform of Writers and Journalist Foundation.