About Us

About Us

Ufuk Dialogue was founded in FCT Abuja, Nigeria, to promote dialogue, culture of coexistence, mutual understanding and to establish a common platform aiming information and opinion exchange. The Foundation focuses on dialogue and peace activities in academic and intellectual levels for the education of the different members of the society. This is achieved through conferences, seminars, panels, common projects, publications, meetings, intercultural trips and several other activities.


Ufuk Dialogue aims to be one of the most active and effective foundations in Nigeria on issues relating to peace and conflict resolution strategies and by contributing to peace through dialogue, creating a platform for coexistence of cultures, mutual understanding of different societies and adherents of different faiths and ethnicity.


Ufuk Dialogue serves to stand by societal peace, love, respect and compassion in support of human dignity and the greater good by striving to preserve the common values of humanity; values such as respect, tolerance, peace and mutual understanding. With our programs the foundation involves the participation of hundreds of local and global individuals who seek to promote peace and dialogue in the world.


*Love & Tolerance *Respect *Knowledge *Mutual Understanding

Human Rights *Peaceful Coexistence * Freedom of Expression and Speech