3rd Love and Tolerance conference

 Love & Tolerance: Countering Violent Extremism through Peace Education and Love

            Love & Tolerance: Countering Extremism through Peace Education and Love is organized by Ufuk Dialogue and held in three states of Nigeria, Kaduna, Abuja and Lagos having an attendance of nearly two thousands people. The ​events will emphasizes the importance of Love and Tolerance in countering Violent extremism.

            The main objective of the conference is to create a platform for discussion among participants pointing out the necessity of personal introspection and social dialogue as well as interfaith or inter-ethnic dialogue for mutual understanding. It will also encourage participants to see dialogue as a first option and strive to understand the concept and relevance of love, tolerance and acceptance. Government officials, traditional and religious leaders and dignitaries from various ethnic groups, scholars and intellectuals, will attend the conference. The conference will bring together dignitaries with diverse backgrounds from across the nation.

            By organising such a conference in three states, Ufuk Dialogue in colloboration with the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution(IPCR), the Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme (NSRP), the European Union and UN Women  provided a ground for networking and experience-sharing for participants where they will be able to express their views, and exchange policy relevant views on the chosen topic. Civil entities are provided the opportunity to voice their views through dialogue, thus, promoting nationwide cooperation among these entities and contribute to making a future vision of tolerance and love for personal and social development.

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